IL-2 interesting finding

Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Mon Dec 6 15:54:35 EST 1993

Dear netters,
I read in a recent Science article, that IL-2 deficient mice had normal
CD4 and CD8 responses while their NK cells activity was drastically reduced.
I was very surprised. IL-2 is supposed to be an important factor in the
differentiation of T-cells. There has been suggestions ( By Jonas Salk and
Peter Bretscher) that a switch in Th-1 to Th-2 is the reason for
progression of HIV to AIDS. If IL-2 deficient mice can have normal CMI, then
what is it that induces the differentiation of T-cells. How does this
affect the idea about Th1 switch to Th2.
I would like to hear your ideas on this matter.
e-mai smori at nmsu.edu

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