Human Class1-2 Histocompatibility Antigen

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In article <2e1ns5$pd at news.univ-rennes1.fr>, nmenoux at roland.univ-rennes1.fr ( Nicolas Menoux) writes:
|> Hello,
|> I am a novice in immunology but I am really intersted in.
|> I have recently read an article about the human Histocompatibility Antigen
|> which present at the cell surface peptides. (I am sorry for vocabulary,
|> I do not know the exact translation, the article was in french.)
|> The role played by this Human Histo.. to vehicule peptides, is it the only
|> role ? 
|> Can you help me in my long research !! I have no background in medicine,
|> pharmacology and immunology but it is a passion. I am really intersted in
|> research. I hope, one day, use my Computer Science and Electyrical Engineering
|> diploma in such research domain.
|> Thank you a lot!
|> Nicolas MENOUX
|> --------
|> Nicolas.Menoux at univ-rennes1.fr

It is my understanding (as a graduate student in a lab which studies
antigen processing and presentation) that the only known function of the
MHC proteins is to present peptide antigens for recognition by T cell
receptors.  Class I MHC is responsible for presenting peptides derived
from proteins produced inside the cell (including viral proteins), while
Class II MHC appears to be responsible for  presenting peptides derived
from cell-external (and perhaps cell-surface as well) proteins, including
those phagocytosed by macrophages.  If you have more specific questions, 
feel free to e-mail me at the address below.

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