IL-2's immune function

Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Thu Dec 9 17:44:27 EST 1993

Dear netters,
What surprises me about this study is that In Vitro the effect of IL-2 is
very important. The in vitro anti-viral studies showed a lack of T-cell
response. This can only mean that there is another important factor that
may work synergistically with IL-2. Ken mentioned that it might be a still
functional IL-2. According to the science paper (Vol 262 : 1059) These mice
were deficient in IL-2 ( IL-2 -/-) therefore there can not be a question about
a semi-functional IL-2. The mice were assayed by infecting them with Vaccinia
Virus and LCMV.I don't think that the antiseptic environment would affect
these particular results. Is there an IL-2 co-factor. Do we have the true 
IL-2 receptor? 
Shahram Mori
Program in Molecular Biology
Department of Chemistry
Las cruces NM 

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