IL-2's immune function

Fri Dec 10 16:24:53 EST 1993

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> Dear netters,
> What surprises me about this study is that In Vitro the effect of IL-2 is
> very important. The in vitro anti-viral studies showed a lack of T-cell
> response. This can only mean that there is another important factor that
> may work synergistically with IL-2. Ken mentioned that it might be a still
> functional IL-2. According to the science paper (Vol 262 : 1059) These mice
> were deficient in IL-2 ( IL-2 -/-) therefore there can not be a question about
> a semi-functional IL-2. The mice were assayed by infecting them with Vaccinia
> Virus and LCMV.I don't think that the antiseptic environment would affect
> these particular results. Is there an IL-2 co-factor. Do we have the true 
> IL-2 receptor? 
<Stuff Deleted>
    IMHO, I think it is clear that both IL-4 and IL-7 can in some cases act
as an IL-2 indepedant T cell growth factors just like IL-2. IL-4  is not
the mode of action in this transgenic model though, but they don't discount
other factors. I would not be surprised if there are even more "TCGF"s than
these though.  If you look at the IL-2 receptor you'll see it has 3
subunits.  Just as oncostatin M, LIF, IL-6 and CNTF have different
"receptors" but all share gp130 signalling molecule in the receptor
complex, it would not be far fetched to think that other molecules may
appropriate an IL-2R subunit.  Also it seems that the IL-2beta,IL-2gamma,
IL-4,IL-7,IL-9, and EPO receptors are in the same family. This too may
explain overlapping function. Check out "Cytokine receptors and and signal
transduction" in FASEB Journal Dec. 1992 vol.6, p3387 by Taga and
Kishimoto, its a pretty good review and tends to highlight the similarities
between the diferrent cytokine receptors.  Anyway, I guess I'm kinda happy
that IL-2 isn't the ultimate cytokine, that would be too simple and kinda

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