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dkatz at earth.doane.edu dkatz at earth.doane.edu
Mon Dec 13 15:01:14 EST 1993

Since this is to be the first semester for me to teach immunology, I will
probably be asking some questions of you tolerent immunologists this next
semester.  Please bear with me.  I will be doing a lab with the course, and
have come up with a couple of ideas.
1.  One of the standard lab experiments is to immunize and follow the course
of the antibody production.  If we do this, it will have to be in mice, since
we have not got the facility to handle larger animals.  Has anyone ever thought
about getting serum samples from rather large puppies as they undergo their
puppy shots ,and following the antibody titers this way?
2.  Another technique that is often used is having students isolate antibodies
from serum samples.  Off hand, does anyone know if it is very different to take
antibodies out of colostrum or milk samples?
3.  If anyone has any other ideas that are used in immuno. labs, I'd be very
interested in speaking or emailing with you.  Budgets are limited, but I want
to give my students the best experience an old bacterial geneticist can give in
Thanks for any help.   Sue Katz, Biology,  Doane College, Crete, NE. email at
DKatz at Doane.edu.

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