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Mon Dec 13 17:27:00 EST 1993

							  Nicholas MENOUX
							  10, rue Michelet
							  F35700 RENNES
							  Phone: (33)99368508
                                                            Fax: (33)99286957
							 Dec.13, 1993

Hello !

At present, I am looking for a job or a training period in immunology
research programs. I am novice in that field because I have a master of
science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science but not in
immunology. However, I am really interested in switching in that
research field, especially in Tcells and MHC molecules researchs.

I really want to work for researchers by designing and carrying out
graphic tools systems with PCs or workstations like sparc, RS/6000,etc..
I am motivated to learn immunology technics and knowledge and help
researchers in their works.  I have a strong interest in Image (3D, 2D).
I think I have a good Graphic interface background with numerous platforms
like OpenLook, XWindow, GKS. Moreover, my educational background in
harware could be a plus to develop some new devices in order to improve
Human-Machine interface in immunology. 

As you can see, I have the research feeling and I am always fascinated
in working for research. 
I got my Master degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from 
Engineer School, Nantes University - FRANCE. I am quick at learning, hard 
working, results oriented and really creative. I think the combination of 
knowledges in both programming and Image with training and experience will
enable me to make contribution to your laboratory. 

	The following is what I am familiar with

   * C, C++, Fortran, Pascal and Visual-Basic  
   * Sun OpenWindows, MS-Windows 3.1, X-WINDOW, GKS, ...
   * Unix SunOs, AIX, MS-Dos 6.0     
   * 3D Image, ray-tracing, ... 
   * MS-Word, FrameMaker, Ventura-Publisher   

My resume is enclosed for your reference. Thank you for considering my
qualifications for any potential position. Please call or e-mail me 
if I can provide any additional information.


Nicholas MENOUX



      Current address:
      10, rue Michelet
      F35700 RENNES
      Phone: (33)99368508
        Fax: (33)99286957
      E-mail: nmenoux at univ-rennes1.fr

      Date of birth: 01/25/69
      Nationality: French
      Marital Status: Single
      Languages spoken: English (TOEFL 567), German, French


1990-1992  Three-year course in IRESTE (University of Nantes - Graduate 
	   School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
	   MS CS/EE : Diploma obtained in June 1992

1988-1989  Two-year preparation school in depth math & physics courses 
	   (intensive preparation for the competitive entrance examination 
	   giving access to advanced national schools of engineering)

1987       Baccalaureat C (French equivalent to the Higher Leaving 
	   Certificate, math and physics, with scientific orientation)


		       * Sense of Creativity 
		       * Resourcefulness and Adaptation
Operating Systems:     DOS, MS Windows, Unix, Aix, ...
Graphic Interfaces:    Windows, X-Window, GKS, Phigs, Openview, Sunview, ...
Languages:             C, C++, Pascal, SQL, Visual Basic, ...
MicroP:                68000, 80x86, 6502, ...


1992       IBM France (Montpellier). Six-month industrial training period as
	   a local area network administrator in the Advanced Techniques 
	   Group. I was responsible for 20 Xstations, 6 PS2 and 3 RS/6000 
	   workstations under AIX 3.2 and TCP/IP protocols. I designed an 
	   Xwindow module in order to facilitate LAN administration. 
	   Moreover, I made a close study of external connections on Internet 
	   with X.25 protocols (IP encapsulated).

1992       Real-time application in VxWorks environment. I set a real-time 
	   speed control up in a distributed architecture with a Sun Sparc 
	   and two 68030 VME cards. The Sun workstation was used to design 
	   the speed graph (Sunview) and both VME cards to control the motor.

1992       I carried out a graphic program to assist researchers in spectrum 
	   analysis. (Atomic and Molecular Physics Department - University 
	   of Rennes - France)

1991       Two-month industrial training period with the S2HF research 
	   laboratory in Nantes. This laboratory works on Hyper-frequency 
	   for radar measurements. I made an easy and interactive interface 
	   to visualize 2D & 3D hyper-frequency images.

1991       Communication project selected by the Telesystems Institute of 
	   Paris. I presented my project in May 1991 in M.I.T and Boston 
	   Communication School.

1990       Industrial training period with La Telephonie Centrale 
	   (French Telephone Company which marketed Numeris(ISDN) telephone). 
	   I designed and carried out a local area network to facilitate 
	   interdepartment communication inside the company. I used 
	   Dbase III+ with DBcom option module and LAN servers.

1988-1989  I designed my own 1200 bps server at home on Apple //c. It was 
	   based on the modem card of the well-known french terminal : 

1987       One-month training period with GRAVI Production (French company 
	   specialized in Image Synthesis and 3D animation). I made a program 
	   on Apple //c to preview 3D wire frames and a serial link to the 
	   main graphic server.

1984       I designed a video-game in 6502 machine code on Oric Atmos.
	   It was selected by LORICIELS french video-game editor.

1983       I designed my first video-game "CANADA" on ORIC-1.
	   It was commercialized by MICROLOGIC, a french video-game editor.


	   * Numerous travels all around the World (USA, Russia, European 
	     and Eastern countries, ...)
	   * Participate in different school newspapers
	   * Black & White photographs, Drawing
	   * Squash

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