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Thank you all for your replies on my question about phage 
I am enclosing a summary of the responses I have got so far:

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Ofer Markman

I enclose a few references re phage display systems. Hope they are of use.
I do not know how to send messages to immunology bulletin board via Gopher
so am sending direct to you.Any help on that much appreciated!

The references are fairly eclectic, I have concentrated on non-antibody
ones as they are less well known!

Phage display systems are marketed by Pharmacia (for antibodies) and
Promega. (there may be others).

Barbas, C. F., III, Kang, A. S., Lerner, R. A. & Benkovic, S. J. (1991).
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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

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Good luck



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There are several systems around for doing this for a reveiw and lots
of examples see Gene vol 23 I think where the whole issue is devoted
to applications of this method. The two vectors I know of for this
technique for antibodies are from Greg Winters lab sold as akit by
Pharmacia (in UK anyway) and the pComb 3 vector available from Carlos
Barbas or Dennis Burton at Scripps free for research purposes.

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1993 15:09:47 -0500
From: Angelo Gunasekera <angelo at phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Organization: Princeton University

Pharmacia sells a kit for peptide library work (specially designed to
make single chain antibodies)

Hope this helps


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