Hybridoma Training

Kristi R Harkins kharkins at iastate.edu
Thu Dec 30 16:57:58 EST 1993

  I am interested in  attending a training short course(s) which covers
techniques used in Hybridoma Monoclonal Antibody Production.  I am interested
in both basic techniques training, as well as up-to-date training on 
innoculation regimes vs. antibody specificity/affinity, alternative antibody
designs (anti-rat, anti-human), large scale antibody production (bioreactor),
  Please send course info via email to kharkins at iastate.edu or by mail to:
  Dr. Kristi Harkins
  Iowa State University
  1104 Molecular Biology
  Ames, IA  50011

Kristi R. Harkins, Lab Director        <>          Office: 515/294-2472
Cell & Hybridoma Facility              <>             Lab: 515/294-8504
Iowa State University                  <>             FAX: 515/294-0453   

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