phage expression systems

Donald C. Reason reason at
Mon Feb 8 16:04:07 EST 1993

   There have been several publications in the last couple of years describing
methodologies for the expression of antibody fragments on the surface of
filamentous phage.  I am interested in finding out what peoples experience has
been with this technology.  Most of the publications have been from groups that
have a commercial interest in the technique and therefore may not be the best
source of info as to best vectors, etc.  I would be interested to talk to
someone who has tried this on their own.
    There appear to be 2 commercial groups involved; Cambridge Antibody
Technology (CAT, Winter and Chriswell) and Ixsys (Huse).  My understanding is
that these companies apparently do not market the vectors directly, but instead
perform contract or collaborative work where they construct the libraries  to
the customers specifications.  It appears that the people at Ixsys Inc. make
their vectors available under a limited license type arrangement to non-profit
groups, but I am unsure of the exact details.  CAT sells some of their stuff
through Pharmacia as kits.  I have not been able to locate a source for the
pComb 3 vector.  If anyone has any experience or information they would care to
pass along, either through this group or directly, it would be appreciated.

Donald C. Reason, Ph.D.
reason at

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