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Thu Feb 11 12:14:30 EST 1993

Dear Netters:

     Am posting this in the interest of those of you who may be looking
for a FREE source of companies, products and services for the biotech research

             BioTechNet Introduces FREE Electronic Buyers To 
          Products and Services for the BioResearch Laboratory

     BioTechNet introduces our Electronic Buyers Guide.  The Buyers
Guide is a searchable database of over 300 companies and the products
and supplies they provide to the bioresearch laboratory.  This Guide is
accessible worldwide via Internet and Direct Dial and is FREE to anyone
with a computer.

     The guide is divided into 5 product areas (Chromatography Products,
Electrophoresis Products, Instruments and Apparatus Products, Molecular
Biology Products, and Liquid Handling and Filtration Products.) 

    Each product area is searchable by Company Name or Product.  Search 
the Buyers Guide by lab product and you receive a listing of companies 
that sell that product.  Some companies have provided additional screens of
information about their company and products to help you in your buying 

    Use the REPLY function to send an electronic product inquiry, catalog
request, sequence request etc. to any company listed in the database.

    And BioTechNet online access time is absolutely free when you use the
login instructions and username below.

     Here's all you have to do to access the BioTechNet Buyers Guide:

     A. Connect to BioTechNet:

      1. Internet users : Telnet to the address: ""
      2. Direct Dial    : (Modem Settings: 8,N,1)

         Cambridge MA   : 617-576-2981 (2400 Baud Modems)
                          617-576-0862 (1200 Baud Modems)

         Kansas City MO : 816-421-6938

     B. Log In:

       1.  At "Username" prompt type BIOTECH.
       2.  At "Password" prompt type BGUIDE
       3.  A brief description of the service and instructions
           on its use follow your login sequence.

     Please send your comments, questions, or suggestions about this new
service to me at the address below.


Jim Emerton
Network Manager
154 East Central Street
Natick, MA 01760
(508) 655-8282

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