Ig variable domain cloning in phages

David E Bell bell at mari.acc-admin.stolaf.edu
Fri Jan 22 10:56:22 EST 1993

Newsgroups: bionet.immunology
Subject: Ig phage expression
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hi there !

i'm interested to get into discussion about autoimmune disease...
(esp. the role of autoantibodies, the experimental models, that exist to
elucidate autoimmune disorders, the role of the CD4+ cells .......)

furthermore, if anybody has experience in doing an animal phage bank
of the antibody repertoire - i'm very excited to discuss about this !
my plans are to create a phage bank of the Ig's of autoimmune uveitis
patients, to screen these ab's. (epitope mapping, v-gene families, 
molecular mimicry)

thanks for any replies!!

tom pasternak
university of aberdeen
dept. of ophthalmology/immunology

Newsgroups: bionet.immunology
Organization: University of Aberdeen

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