Advice for Immunology Paper

Mon Jan 25 01:29:40 EST 1993

	I am an undergraduate pre-med student at the University of Louisville.
I am currently enrolled in a graduate level immunology course.  The problem is 
we are to write a 10-30 page paper on some topic of interest in Immunology
that goes into a fair amount of depth.  I am interested if anyone out there
might have some ideas on a possibly good topic and maybe even a few pointers
on finding some really good research journals.  I am not wanting any responses
with offers of pre-fabricated papers....I always do my own work and do it well.
However, if anyone out there can help me with some good "starter" ideas it 
would be greatly appreciated.  Since this is my last semester and I have a 
very full schedule I would rather not spend hours in the library just trying
to come up with an idea.


						Kevin Shively
						KJSHIV01 at ulkyvx

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