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Mon Jan 25 09:39:09 EST 1993

Hi networker,

I am a graduate student in immunology (probably PhD. in 6 months) and I would
be pleased to help you. I thing there are some "hot spot" in immunology today, I
hope you'll find something that fit your need among these proposals.

Antigen presenting cells: the immune response is often seen only at the output
level, I mean at the effector level. In fact, the triggering of the immune
response depends on the very subtil relationship between antigen presenting cells
and the T helper cells. I think there are two points that worth a closer look.
1) The role of the lymphoide dendritic cells (or dendritic leukocytes) in the
initiation of the immune response.
2) The regulation of the immune response and the immune tolerance by the
modulation of the costimulatory signal (the second signal require by the T helper
cells to be fully activated).

Gene knock down mice: the relatively new technique of the gene knock down has
allowed the production of different strains of mice deficient for a wide range of
function: interleukines or Invarient chain (linked to MHC II) or different
subunit of the immunoglobulin molecule....
This new type of material will allow the immunologist to discover the precise
role of a large set of immunological elements.

I think there are too many exciting subject in immunology to list it all.
If you do not find what you are looking for, I think that you will find a wide
range of up-to-date topics in "Immunology Today".

Good Work

Don't hesitate to ask me more details

(Forgive me for my exotic english)

Thierry Sornasse
Univesite Libre de Bruxelles
Lab. de Physiologie Animale
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