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>>	I am an undergraduate pre-med student at the University of Louisville.
>>I am currently enrolled in a graduate level immunology course.  The problem is 
>>we are to write a 10-30 page paper on some topic of interest in Immunology
>>that goes into a fair amount of depth.  I am interested if anyone out there
>>might have some ideas on a possibly good topic and maybe even a few pointers
>>on finding some really good research journals.  I am not wanting any responses
>>with offers of pre-fabricated papers....I always do my own work and do it well.
>>However, if anyone out there can help me with some good "starter" ideas it 
>>would be greatly appreciated.  Since this is my last semester and I have a 
>>very full schedule I would rather not spend hours in the library just trying
>>to come up with an idea.
>>						Thanks,
>>						Kevin Shively
>>						KJSHIV01 at ulkyvx
>If it were me, I'd go for superantigens myself.  It's facinating how SA's 
>skirt around the specificity of the immune system and stimulate T cells 
>that only bear a particular V-beta element.  I'd keep the discussion 
>limited to bacterial SA's as viral SA's are a bit more complex.  
>Start with Anal. Rev. Immunology 1991 with Kappler and Marrack.  Do a 
>medline on either one, and on superantigens (as a subject) itself.  After 
>that, there will be more than enough info to get you going...
>Happy searching!
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	If you go with superantigens, be careful in accepting wholesale
the conclusions of Kappler & Marrack.  Although they ARE pioneers in the
field, they are also wildly speculative folks, and a number of their
conclusions are generally regarded as fantasy.  Good luck!  Edwin Rock

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