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> 2.) Another thing which can not be overlooked, is the possibility that the
> APC's are changing the pattern of antigen processing. Thus, determinants 
> that were previousely (normally) hidden (i.e.- unprocessed..) are now being
> presented. If such determinants are self-associated, the cells specific against
> them will NOT be anergic or deleted, and an erruption of an autoimmune state 
> would result.
> What do you think?

Route of processing may be more important.  Presentation by Class I or
Class II MHC is functionally equivalent to presenting different
and local cytokine production by APC's can direct immune responses in 

This thread has not been making any distinction between different systems.
There are multiple mechanisms of tolerance.  As I remember, the original
post was from a mathmetician.  Was modelling the immune response an
original interest?

Steve Holland

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