Jerry Woodward woodward at
Thu Jul 15 10:26:23 EST 1993

Endocrine implies a systemic regulation of lymphocytes by cytokines produced at
some distant site.  I am thinking more of local microenvironments and 
paracrine regulation of lymphocytes over short distances.  This is probably 
a better view.  In normal tissues there may be a cytokine environment
(TGF beta or??) that tends to dampen any response even if T cells have
receptors specific for some self antigen.  Clearly this can be overcome in many cases by hyperimmunization (such as in EAE,EAU etc).  Perhaps the cytokine 
environment in most tissues inhibits most afferent immune responses, or promotes induction of anergy, while effector cells, once produced in a local 
lymph node, are no longer susceptible.

I feel like I'm rambling---

Jerry Woodward

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