Immunology preprint service

Tue Jul 20 08:52:34 EST 1993

   The Physics people have got their act straight, and, as indicated by the
attached note which I have pirated from another bulletin board, other groups
are also getting organized in this respect. It is quite possible for immunolog-
ists to post the texts of future papers on this bulletin board, but what is
envisaged in the attached article is some separate centre.

                             Sincerely, Don Forsdyke

    For "Philosophy" substitute "Immunology" in the note below:

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From:         Richard Reiner <rreiner at NEXUS.YORKU.CA>
Subject:      philosophy preprint service

In a recent message on philos-l, Istvan Berkeley
<IBERKELE at vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA> pointed out that many other fields have
organized preprint exchange systems on the net, which allow workers to
comment on one another's works-in-progress, and which help to lower the
cost of keeping up to date in one's field.

Except for the filelists of a few Listserv lists like PHILOSOP and
PHIL-L, philosophy has no such service.  Moreover, these filelists are
not well suited for this task, since placing a paper in one can only be
done by the list owner, who would quickly be overburdened by an active
exchange of papers, reviews, and comments.  Even a zealous and
altruistic listowner coud not overcome a further problem, namely that
having any one person in the position of a bottleneck will cause delays.

Of the available media on the net today, only anonymous ftp allows a
sufficiently free, fast, bi-directional exchange of documents.  Gopher,
wais, and BBS-style systems like the old version of the APA BBS (which
has now migrated to Gopher) all suffer from the drawbacks of filelists
on Listservs: only the service owner can make new documents available.

I'd like to suggest, therefore, that those of us interested in
organizing a service for the exchange of preprints in philosophy begin
to investigate the possibility of setting up an ftp site for this
purpose.  (This would probably involve no more than obtaining permission
to use some disk space on an existing ftp site, plus organizing a little
volunteer labour to periodically move documents from an uploads
directory into better-organized locations.)

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