Retraction and apology:"fast cheap retrieval svc"

chris matzner matzner1 at
Wed Jul 21 09:04:52 EST 1993

	I take full responsibility for  Robert Hutter's posting titled 
"fast cheap article retrieval service".  Robert is a new user of Unix 
systems and the internet, and I was showing him the use of nn on his 
Harvard machine. I posted ads for his new company as an example. I 
was not aware of the correct use of the news net, although if I had 
thought about it I would have realized it was an unethical use of a 
valuable resource. If there is any way to revoke the posting Robert 
and I would like to know of  it. If there is any penalty for this, I 
should bear it rather than he or his company. 

	Once again, I apologize sincerely. 

	Chris Matzner
	matzner1 at

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