Fibroblast blues

Tue Jul 20 22:07:00 EST 1993

Hello nets:
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but .....
I have a hybridoma cell line contaminated with fibroblasts. Normally I don't 
have a problem eliminating these since they stick to the plate a lot better 
than the hybridomas do: simply transferring the cells to a new plate usually
does the trick. Now I have a line of fibroblasts which refuses to die (even
after two months and more transfers than I care to remember). The hybridoma
cell line (needless to say an important one) is growing poorly as it is barely
able to attach to the plate and can't compete with these aggressive fibro-
blasts (maybe they have been transformed?). Is there a miracle anti-fibro-
blast agent? Is there any way of selectively getting rid of these fibroblasts?

Thanks for any help and comments,
Chris R.

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