Fibroblast blues

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>Hello nets:
>I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but .....
>I have a hybridoma cell line contaminated with fibroblasts.
[stuff deleted]
>Now I have a line of fibroblasts which refuses to die...
[more stuff deleted]
>Is there a miracle anti-fibro-
>blast agent? Is there any way of selectively getting rid of these fibroblasts?
>Thanks for any help and comments,
>Chris R.


I'm not an immunologist, so I welcome any comments or criticisms on this
attempt at an answer.  The two methods I have seen for killing fibroblasts

1) culture medium with d-valine substituted for l-; fibroblasts lack the
enzyme to utilize the d- isomer.  Available from Gibco.

2) anti-Thy1.1 followed by complement-mediated cell lysis.  Don't know if
this would work in a hybridoma culture.  Thy1.1 is a fibroblast-specific
cell surface marker.  I can look up the antibody source if you want.

Am I the only person on earth who has killed fibroblasts?  I forgot to add
pen/strep to a batch of DMEM/serum, but I bet that isn't the answer you're
looking for :-).

Reference to the above procedures (except forgetting pen/strep): Levison
and McCarthy, _Culturing Nerve Cells_ (Banker G and Goslin K, eds),
MIT Press, 1991 (I think).

Hope this helps

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