Fibroblast blues

Jerry Woodward woodward at
Mon Jul 26 12:05:57 EST 1993

: > >I have a hybridoma cell line contaminated with fibroblasts.
: > >Is there any way of selectively getting rid of these fibroblasts?
: > >
: > >Thanks for any help and comments,
: > >Chris R.

	I posted the definitive solution last week, or at least I thought 
I did.  

Question:  How were the hybridomas separated from all the others that made
the wrong Ab in the first place?  

Answer:  They were cloned!!

Re-clone your line by limiting dilution.  This is a good practice anyway to 
keep your line expressing high levels of Ab.  Consult  a hybridoma manual for 
cloning protocols.  Also, I would pop some of your cells into mice to make
ascites--this will allow you to make buckets of Ab and probably get rid of the
fibroblasts as well.

Jerry Woodward
University of Kentucky

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