Fibroblast blues

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Tue Jul 27 12:28:45 EST 1993

In a previous article, RAMPITSCH at BCRSSU.AGR.CA wrote:
>Hello nets:
>I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but .....
>I have a hybridoma cell line contaminated with fibroblasts. Normally I don't 
>have a problem eliminating these since they stick to the plate a lot better 
>than the hybridomas do: simply transferring the cells to a new plate usually
>does the trick. Now I have a line of fibroblasts which refuses to die (even
>after two months and more transfers than I care to remember). The hybridoma
>cell line (needless to say an important one) is growing poorly as it is barely
>able to attach to the plate and can't compete with these aggressive fibro-
>blasts (maybe they have been transformed?). Is there a miracle anti-fibro-
>blast agent? Is there any way of selectively getting rid of these fibroblasts?
>Thanks for any help and comments,
>Chris R.

I may be "brain-cramping" but can't you just sort out the hybridomas?  Or 
even "pan" them? Use something like an anti-Ig-FITC that would tag the
hybridomas and just sort?  The only problem I see there is if the
fibroblasts happen to have Fc receptors and would non specifically label
with the FITC-Ab...  In fact that is a question no one in our little 
immunology/complement group can adequately answer: whether or not 
fibroblast have Fc receptors?  

Anyone, please feel free to correct!

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