stable DR heterodimers in 21-hydroxylase deficiency

Paul J Travers p_travers at
Tue Jun 1 06:58:38 EST 1993

	Many years ago (probably around 8-10 years) there was a report on a very
stable population of DR heterodimers from a patient with 21-hydroxylase
deficiency manifest as salt wasting syndrome.  My recollection is that
they molecules in question were DR1 and that the heterodimer was stable
to 7M urea and to boiling in SDS; in order to dissociate the heterodimer
it had to be boiled in 7M urea and SDS!  My question is, does anyone have
this reference and does anyone know if the explanation for this stability
was ever forthcoming.  Again, my recollection is that the original report
showed no sequence data on the class II molecules - was that ever done?

				Paul Travers

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