AAI Meeting

Pion Stephane pions at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Tue Jun 1 17:36:38 EST 1993

hello, everyone...

Just a short message to ask if anyone went to Denver, Colorado
for the America Association of Immunologist last week...  Did anyone get the
same feeling as me in the way where a lot of speeches were on the subject
of peptides in context of class 1 and 2 molecules of the MHC.  All in all
it was an extremely interesting convention.  And the person probably the
most times sited was Rammensee (hope i spelled it right....).  Well that's all
folks.  If anyone cares to e-mail me about the convention, feel free.

Stephane C. Pion
e-mail: PIONS at ere.umontreal.ca

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