ImmunoTargeting. Help needed.

BENNY SHOMER 9238 pc386 at
Mon Jun 7 09:39:01 EST 1993

Dear friends of bionet.immunology.

I would like to perform an assay of immune targeting in mice. I have 
a mouse originated mAb, conj. with biotin. I need to inject this antibody
i.v., and following 24 - 48 hours, to obtain some target tissues for 
histochemical localization of the bound Ab.
Since I have never done such an assay before, I need some basic data regarding
the concentration of the antibody, the timing etc.
I would also love to hear from someone who has done this before, and who can
provide some basic tips out of experience.
Naturally, I can perform a search through the literature, but I have been
burned several times with such recipes. The cake could have been wonderfull,
unless the author would have "mistakenly forgotten" to add the eggs or the 
flour to the recipe...   ;-)

So if anyone of you had any experience with such an assay, or have any ref's
to a protocol that really works, PLEASE do reply.

Thanks in advance.
Benny Shomer. Tel-Aviv University,.
The Sackler school of medicine. Dept. of Embryology.
Reproductive Immunology Research group.
Tel-Aviv, Israel.

pc386 at

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