Larry Anthony OLAF at UVVM.UVIC.CA
Mon Jun 28 17:14:38 EST 1993

Hello out there to all immunology netters...
   I am trying to incorporate peptide antigens into distearoylphosphatidylcholi
ine/cholesterol unilamellar liposomes for immunization purposes.  However, the
protocol I have for making dehydration/rehydration vesicles (Kahl et al, J. Imm
unol. 142:4441, 1989) doesn't seem to give me any incorporation.  Furthermore,
the product apparently wont lyse in the presence of detergents, including 5% SD
S.  Obviously I'm thinking that I'm doing something wrong, so I was wondering i
f anyone out there had a simple protocol for incorporating peptides into liposo
mes with this composition.
   Thanks for any help you can provide.

   L. Anthony, Ph.D.

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