PCR primers for murine T cell

Peter Kuhlman pkuhlman at bio.indiana.edu
Mon Jun 28 15:45:37 EST 1993

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[ Posted on Mon, 28 Jun 1993 20:40:22 GMT ]

Greetings, Netland!

I am planning to perform RT-PCR analysis of lymphokines
produced by murine T cell clones and hybridomas.  In the
past, we have used V-beta-specific primers to control for
T cell mRNA levels in different samples, but would like
to use pan-T cell primers instead, as we can then use the
same reagents regardless of T cell V-beta usage.  I am 
considering designing primers based on CD3-epsilon sequence,
but would appreciate any advice y'all can provide!

Please respond by e-mail to pkuhlman at bio.indiana.edu.  I will
post a summary of responses if there is any interest...

Many thanks!

-Peter Kuhlman
pkuhlman at bio.indiana.edu

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