Help w. immunoprecipitation!

V. Warwar PATH009 at UNLVM.UNL.EDU
Mon Mar 1 00:31:01 EST 1993

Dear colleges:

 I am having a terrible problem with an immunoprecipitation experiment.
I am immunoprecipitating the protein of my interest with the same
antibody that I am using as a primary antibody in the western blot of
this protein. As a result, in my secondary antibody used for detection
(horseradish peroxidase) is giving me an enourmous background with
the heavy and low chain of the antibody used in the
immunoprecipitation procedure.  Does someone know a way to avoid this
this background?
 Thanks a lot in advance. Please reply to my e-mail adress becouse
I am not in this newsgroup.

            Vitor Warwar
            Bitnet: PATH009 at UNLVM
            University of Nebraska, Lincoln

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