Lymph node sectioning

Mr C M Hodgson lsrbd at
Mon Mar 1 05:24:14 EST 1993

Hello Bionetters,

I'm about to embark on sectioning murine auricular lymph nodes and I'd be
grateful for hints and comments from anyone who has processed lymph nodes in
this manner. I'm hoping to use sections for both in-situ hybridisation and
immunocytochemical staining techniques.

In particular I'm interested in the differences people have experienced with
sections from frozen and paraformaldehyde fixed nodes, with relevance to the
morphology of the tissue attached to slides. At present I am coating slides
with an organosilane compound (APTS) - this is a 2% solution in acetone,
does anybody know anything about the long term stability of this solution, a
stock which I prepared in December of last year has now turned brown after
storage at room temperature.

All comments are welcome, preferably by e-mail direct to my address,

Many thanks in advance,

Chris Hodgson (Mr.>

Biological Sciences Dept.
University of Warwick
Coventry. U.K.

lsrbd at

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