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Donald C. Reason reason at netcom.com
Sun Mar 7 01:18:01 EST 1993

We are in the initial stages of getting a cell sorter for our institute, and I
have been tasked with making a recommendation as to which unit we should get.
We are a relatively small group; 4 laboratories have a need for a machine that
sorts, and we envision about 3 or 4 runs a week total.  We will not be able to
hire a full time person to operate the instrument, although someone will be
assigned to oversee and provide support.  One requirement will therefor be ease
of use.  This task fell to me because I have had some experience with a dual
laser FACS 440 and also a dual laser machine made by Coulter.  Both of these
machines, and therefor my expertise, are out of date, however.  My current
leanings are towards a FACS Star Plus, based on a satisfied user I have talked
with and the fact that we currently have a FacsScan in house, but a recent post
about a new modular machine from Coulter sounded interesting.  Although I plan
to talk to the sales reps next week, I would like to hear from anyone who has
information and/or experience they would like to share. 



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