Simple Articles re HLA Class II typing by PCR-oligoprobes

Jason Chuen jxc at
Fri Mar 5 23:53:08 EST 1993

I am a third year medical student at Melbourne University, Australia,
and I am working on a project where I need an introduction to analysis
of HLA (MHC) Class II genes and alleles with regard to Organ Transplants
and testing for potential tissue rejection. In particular, I need a
reference which will give me an understanding of the principles and
basic techniques involved in gene typing with the use of oligonucleotide
probes after PCR-amplification of DNA sections of HLA Class II genes.

I have only a very basic grounding in Molecular Genetics and the relevant
biochemical techniques, and I need some pointers to articles that don't
get too technical on me and don't end up talking about something else,
and I hope that someone on the Net can give me a hand.

Thanks in advance,

Jason Chuen
Melbourne University
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Jason Chuen
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