autoreactive antibodies

Kevin McLoughlin kmclough at
Sun Mar 14 04:51:06 EST 1993

I'm not so sure that anti-DNA Ab's are only a case of molecular mimicry,
of antibodies to a polypeptide or some other molecule cross-reacting with
DNA and/or DNA-associated histones. Lambert and Dixon did an experiment back
in the late '60's with a murine model of SLE (NZB/W mice), where they
immunized young mice that had not yet spontaneously developed anti-DNA Ab with
either DNA alone or DNA coupled to methylated bovine serum albumin. DNA alone 
had no effect, but the DNA-mBSA mixture induced antibodies that were specific
for DNA, that did not react with mBSA alone; the immunization accelerated
the development of other autoimmune disease symptoms as well.

That said, it is an awfully good question, how these antibodies can be
induced if T cells are indeed required for presentation...

Kevin McLoughlin
kmclough at

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