New Kabat DB names (your choice)

George Johnson geojohn at
Mon Mar 29 13:16:34 EST 1993


NCBI recently asked that people who maintain databases in
their repository think about making the file names and
directory names in 8 character dos compatible.  If you have
used the Kabat database, you know we have long file names
with lots of dots and other stuff.  If you use the database
frequently, and I know a couple of people have spent a lot
of time setting up gopher searches and things like that,
please let me know ASAP your thoughts about changing ALL
the names in the kabat dumpfile and postscript directories
into DOS compatible names.  It is hard enough to figure
out what the files are in unix style, and I realize that
8 character descriptions will be even more difficult,
if not impossible to understand.  We here don't have
feelings either way about changing the names, but of course
we would like dos users to have the same access to the
data as people using unix machines.  Since you guys have
to deal with the filenames, you need to let me know how
you feel either way.  By the way, the names need to be
changed in 2 weeks from Mar 29, so let me know soon!

If you're totally lost about this, the Kabat database is
available from in the repository directory.
There are up-to-date ascii dumps of the database, as well
as PostScript files of the database that can be printed
out on a laser or PS supporting printer that looks just
like the 5th edition of the book (but current).  The file
names are now in the form human.ig.hc for human immuno-
globulin heavy chains.  This name is too long; it needs
to be 8 characters to be loaded unambiguously onto a dos
os.  The same problem exists for the Postscript files,
which have even longer names, like mousetrcptrvaralphaicodon,
for mouse T-cell receptor for antigen alpha chain family I,
codons.  somehow this name would have to be shortened to
8 characters, and I can't think of much more than mtcric,
or something like that.

Thank you very much!

George Johnson tt at

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