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Mon May 3 16:58:34 EST 1993

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Ladasky II) wrote:
> 	Aren't there a few documented cases of a maternal immune system
> identifying an embryo or fetus as foreign matter, and rejecting it?  If I
> remember the phenomenon correctly, the symptoms are like graft-vs.-host
> disease.  Obviously, this is something that only happens in a dysfunctional
> situation.
> 	Also, I remember a recent study that demonstrated that pregnancy
> does in fact result in a compromised immune system on the part of the mother.
> The immunocompromised state lasts several months after birth.  The paper
> noted that mothers who bear several children in succession were much more
> likely to be sick than mothers who "took breaks."

While I do not follow the area, I do know the mother develops immunologic 
tolerance for the graft.  Immune modulation has been used with success
in couple with infertility.  The potential fathers white blood cells are
infused into mom and she becomes tolerant.  I'd appreciate if those 
knowlegeable about the mechanisms would put in a word or two.  

Steve Holland

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