pregancy / immune modulation

Shiv A Prasad-2 pras0005 at
Tue May 4 10:09:51 EST 1993

At a recent meeting (Keystone Symposia on the immunology of viral infections)
Tim Mossman presented data suggesting that pregnancy is associated with Th2-
like responses, making the mother more susceptible to infections that are
normally cleared by a Th1 response.

This may go a little way in explaining why mothers don't reject the embryos.
A Th1-like response might be necessary for the cellular activation required
to reject a graft, and if the mothers are incapable of such a response, 
'tolerance' results.  Tolerance here may simply be a shift to a Th2-mediated
humoral response.

As with all immunology, it just can't be this simple :-)

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