Naive Q about Killer T activation

Boris Borcic borbor at
Thu May 6 03:30:21 EST 1993

I bought two immunology books
yesterday to satisfy my curiosity. I could
not find an explicit statement on whether
CD8 T Cells are activated by CD4 Cells,
monocytes, or perhaps directly.
Somewhere I found written that T Cells
do not show HLA II antigens until they
are activated, which seems to exclude
an activation path for CD8 T Cells 
similar to that of B cells, but since
most CD8 aren't also CD4, an activation
path like that of CD4s by monocytes
leading to B cell response seems
also excluded.

Since this perplexing point seems
kind of obvious, I suppose I missed
something, but careful re-reading of
the relevant paragraphs provided no

Could someone in netland provide it ?

- Boris Borcic

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