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> While I do not follow the area, I do know the mother develops immunologic 
> tolerance for the graft.  Immune modulation has been used with success
> in couple with infertility.  The potential fathers white blood cells are
> infused into mom and she becomes tolerant.  I'd appreciate if those 
> knowlegeable about the mechanisms would put in a word or two.  
> Steve Holland

 ALong those same lines, I know that some women with rhematoid arthritis (an
autoimmune disease, where the host attackes it's own tissue, specifically in
the joints) will go into remission during pregnancy. This would, to me, suggest
a general state of immuno-tolerance during pregnancy. Sorry if this is
oversimplification--the lab that did this research was down the hall from mine
at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle (Dr. Lee Nelson) a few
years ago. It's not really my field--I'm more of a cellular person!

The field of reproductive immunology is fascinating, and only just starting to
get some of the attention it deserves (IMHO).

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