Naive Q about Killer T activation

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Thu May 6 07:40:15 EST 1993

In article <borbor-060593100745 at> borbor at (Boris Borcic) writes:
>I bought two immunology books
>CD8 T Cells are activated by CD4 Cells,
>monocytes, or perhaps directly.
>Somewhere I found written that T Cells
The control of CD*+ Cytotoxic cells by T-helper cells (cd4+) is a
mojor question in immunology. A class-I, TcR interaction is necessary,
but I thought a class II inteaction could nt be blocked without 
activity. The presentce of Th2 cells is a necessity.
>do not show HLA II antigens until they
>are activated, which seems to exclude
>an activation path for CD8 T Cells 
>similar to that of B cells, but since
>most CD8 aren't also CD4, an activation
>path like that of CD4s by monocytes
>leading to B cell response seems
>also excluded.
The possibility that the cd8 cell has to be activated by an Class I cells
could be the first step. An aditional activation could be the second step, by the suddenly arrising Class II molecules on the CD8+ cells.

Could someone please correct me if I'm wrong?


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