C1498 (murine tumor cell line)

Pion Stephane pions at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Wed May 12 21:39:20 EST 1993


	This is a call for help to anyone who has ever used a myeloid cancer cell line of the murine type named C1498.  Has anyone ever done any surface phenotype by FACS to confirm that this is a myeloid tumor cell line.  You see, the only positive phenotype i get is CD13+.  All my other phenotypes are negative (CD14-, CD33-, CD34-, esterase negative, peroxydase negative, Sudan black negative) and so i have this problem.... I need either a second phenotype to confirm C1498 to be myeloid or any histochemical test other than the ones mentioned.  Can anyone point me to a myeloid marker other than the ones I've done???

						any help would be appreciated,

							Stephane C. Pion
							PIONS at ERE.UMontreal.CA


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