Christoph Bobrowski bobrowski at
Thu Nov 4 13:34:11 EST 1993

BTW and re this topic:
Some "socially conscious" or mayne "politically correct" groups are
going on the record publicly at our University with the allegation
that an immunological contraceptive has been developed and it being 
tested in India. The basic idea, as stated by them, seems to be to develop
antibodies against the embryo (sorry, I don't knwow which stage, morula ?,
blastula ? , later on during organogenesis ?).

Does anybody know whether those statements are well-founded - or maybe
terribly misunderstood ? 

This may, of course, also be a phenomenon of some ..... hmmmmm... irrelevant
groups trying to raise attention. Frankly, I do not know, and I'd be very
grateful if someone could alleviate my ignorance.

Christoph Bobrowski
Institute of Physiology
University Hopsital Eppendorf, 20246 Hamburg, Germany
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