Endotoxin free Bovine serum Albumin

Jay Steer jsteer at receptor.pharm.uwa.edu.au
Fri Nov 19 03:58:49 EST 1993

When monocytes are cultured in endotoxin free (<20pg LPS/ml ) serum 
containing medium they show no spontaneous release of proinflammatory 
cytokines. We have recently started culturing monocytes in a serum free 
medium which contains 2mg/ml BSA. We have found that BSA containg as little 
as 25-50 pg LPS/mg stimulates monoctes causing them to release 
proinflammatory cytokines.  Does anybody out there know of a source of BSA 
which has less than 20 pg LPS/mg (<0.1 EU/mg)?? ( The lowest we have found 
to date is from Boehringer mannheim cat.no.1081489 lot 14756700 which 
tested at 25-35 pg LPS/ml.) 

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