CD4 clone

dkatz at dkatz at
Mon Nov 29 16:57:13 EST 1993

I have a student who is going to be working in *my* lab next semester.  He
wants to try expressing a protein in a bacterial system.  He is very interested
in doing this with the CD4 protein in a bacterial host.  Does anyone out there
have this clone, and a respective host cell to grow it in?  Does Seed have this
I'd appreciate any one with either a clone or information on what they have
done with this (or lit. ref's) or any CD clone.  I've worked with CD34 (Seed's
human), but don't have this one or any idea who has.
Thank you.  
Please respond to Dr. Sue Katz,  Biology,  Doane College, Crete NE
email: DKatz at

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