Protein Tyr Kinase Inhibitor

Thierry Sornasse tsornas at
Tue Nov 30 06:39:24 EST 1993

Hi networkers,

I am looking for all the possible way to inhibit the activity of the protein
kinase p56 which is normaly associated with the CD4 in T cells.

Presently, I now the classical herbimicyn that inhibits practically all the
protein kinases associated with receptors in T or B cells.

I am wondering if there is a more specific inhibitor that would inhibit less

On the other hand, I know that it is also possible to inhibit the physical link
between the CD4 and the p56/lck by preventing the myristilation of the p56. Do
you think that it would be possible to inhibit significantly the activity of this
protein kinase by this way.

Thank you for your help

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