Variability Plots

George Johnson george at immuno.esam.nwu.edu
Mon Oct 4 12:01:49 EST 1993

Well, it has been a number of years since up-to-date variability
plots of the data have been printed.  For another reason, I
am making plots of quite a few tables in the collection.  If
anyone needs up-to-date variability plots please let me know
for what and I'll see if I've made plots.  They would be in
PostScript so you would just print them out.  Unfortunately,
the program we wrote to make the plots won't work on your
machine, so don't ask :(.  One of these days I'll write one,
but it doesn't look like fun.

BTW, I think if a lot of people want plots, I could go ahead
and have them dumped in our directory at ncbi and updated
once a month or so.  I know we use them a lot, but now-a-days
I think that most people have programs to compute variability
for their own group of sequences, etc.

let me know what you need.


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