Disposable, sterile, filters?

guest at imtech.ernet.in guest at imtech.ernet.in
Mon Oct 4 02:47:14 EST 1993

Does anyone know of a source of rather cheap but good quality disposable
filters (similar to the ones that corning etc. make).
The filters need to be used in large quantities and are always very expensive.
Since I am working in India , it becomes difficult to spend so much money
on filters alone.
If anyone know  of a good source of such filters and send me their address
(and probably price also , if it is not too much:) ), the gesture will be
more than appreciated.
My requirement: Disposable filters(0.22microns/ 0.45 microns)
        Diameters: 07mm, 13mm, 25mm.

Thanks very much in Advance:)
National Institute of Immunology
New Delhi
Email  Sanjeev at nii.ernet.in

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