Immunoglobulin N

Thomas Siepmann tsiepman at post.its.mcw.edu
Tue Oct 5 17:18:26 EST 1993

camplte1 at wkuvx1.bitnet wrote:
: I am interested in receiving information as to where I could find
: articles on Immunoglobulin N, found in lungfish, groupers, turtles,
: ducks, and marsupials.  A listing of articles would be nice.  Also,
: any discussion on Ig-N would be welcome.  I have a few ideas on the
: evolutionary aspects of Ig-N and why it is found in these particular
: organisms.

: Troy Earl Camplin

Hmmm.  I must have missed this in class. I don't have an answer for you
but was wondering if somebody could explain what IgN is, I've never even
heard of it.
Anyone out there hear of this before?

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