CTL assay: non radioactive methods

guest at imtech.ernet.in guest at imtech.ernet.in
Wed Oct 6 08:08:42 EST 1993

I am looking for a non radioactive CTL assay. I am currently using a method
to detect Serine Esterase which is released during CTL mediated lysis. I
am facing a bit of a problem using this assay for Tcell clones and am thus
interested in finding out a method that uses a cytoplasmic marker which
will only be released from target cells on lysis. I have heard of a LDH
release assay (Lactate Dehydrogenase) can any one help me with a protocol
for this assay?

Thanking you  in advance.
shyam at nii.ernet.in
SRF, Nationl Institute of Immunology
New Delhi India

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