What might an Immunology Lab Need?

Steve Holland gila005 at uabdpo.dpo.uab.edu
Fri Oct 15 17:21:03 EST 1993

If you were going to set up an immunology lab with the full spectrum
of equipment needed for current and classical studies, what might 
you want?  I have a partial list below.

Biocontainment hood
CO2 incubators
CO2 for incubators
Fyrite CO2 tester
Regular incubator
Inverted microscope
Dissecting microscope
General purpose Centrifuge
Plate carriers for centrifuge
Surgical equipment scissors large and small, hemostats, needle holder
Washing machine
Orbital shaker
Shaking water bath incubator
Access to superspeed centrifuge
Water baths
Electronic balance for chemicals and animals
Freezer -20
Freezer -70
ELISA plate reader
Spectrophotometer with UV
Cell harvester for 96 well plates
Liquid scintillation counter facilities (shared basis)
Liquid chromatography apparatus (modest) with column media
HPLC system
Stirplates and hot plates
Plastic tubing of small and large guage.
Stools and tables and chairs
Rabbit holder
Minigel format gel system including western blot chamber
Electrophoresis power supplies
Submarine gel apparatus
Semi-dry blotter system
Phast system electrophoresis apparatus
Fast Computer.
pH meter
Freezer gloves
rubber gloves
face masks
DI water source or distilled water source
Ultraclean water for PCR
Polaroid camera
Multichannel pipetter
Bunsen Burner and loops
Ring stand and fittings
Counting chamber
Lab counter
Microtome - standard and refrigerated.
Access to tissue processing of the path lab
Pathology cassettes
Microscope slides
Cover slips
Gram stain
Test tube racks
Access to a fluorescent microscope
Animal feeding needles
Phlebotomy supplies
Radiation safety approved workroom with Geiger counter, tritiated
Hamilton syringe for pulsing tritiated thymidine
Dewar flask
Dialysis equipment
Dessicator chamber
Mouse warmer/heat lamp
Funnels and filters
Buchner funnel with frit
Biopsy punches
Lyophillization system
file cabinet
cold room
Rubber stoppers with holes
Tissue homogenizers
Ice buckets
Ice machine nearby
Slow speed stirring vessel for suspension cell culture
Animal Facilities
Cesium irradiator
FACS facility
FAX machine
Autoclave access
Liquid nitrogen
Dry Ice
PCR machine
Internet access

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