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Thu Oct 21 20:41:51 EST 1993

I have tried to post this to the most appropriate newsgroups because my last
post resulted in some the worst abuse I have ever experienced, despite being
married a member of my immediate family.

As many of the net community will realise I am presently conducting research 
into the electro-senstivity of the gold fish.  I was wondering if anyone out
there had also followed this exciting scientific path and done any kind of
research into the way that electrical current affects the metabolism of the
Gold fish, particularly the Chinese Gold Fish, which seems to be coated in
more gold, thus improving it's conductability tenfold.

Those of you who are familiar with my work and have sent me notes of 
congratulation on my Nobel nomination, I thank you.  For those who are not
aware, I was recently nominated to receive this prestigious award in honor
of the work I have done into sheep, making the important discovery that when
a lamb has electrodes attached to it's ears, and a 12v current passed through
them, it exhibits what I like to call SREM, or Sheep Rapid Eye Movement, in
many ways similar to that humans exhibit when in an alpha or beta state of

I would appreciate any advice and/or assistance


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