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>>>I have tried to post this to the most appropriate newsgroups because my last
>>>post resulted in some the worst abuse I have ever experienced, despite being
>>>married a member of my immediate family.
>>>As many of the net community will realise I am presently conducting research 
>>>into the electro-senstivity of the gold fish.  I was wondering if anyone out
>>>there had also followed this exciting scientific path and done any kind of
>>>research into the way that electrical current affects the metabolism of the
>>>Gold fish, particularly the Chinese Gold Fish, which seems to be coated in
>>>more gold, thus improving it's conductability tenfold.
>>>Those of you who are familiar with my work and have sent me notes of 
>>>congratulation on my Nobel nomination, I thank you.  For those who are not
>>>aware, I was recently nominated to receive this prestigious award in honor
>>>of the work I have done into sheep, making the important discovery that when
>>>a lamb has electrodes attached to it's ears, and a 12v current passed through
>>>them, it exhibits what I like to call SREM, or Sheep Rapid Eye Movement, in
>>>many ways similar to that humans exhibit when in an alpha or beta state of
>>>I would appreciate any advice and/or assistance
>>Animal testing isn't very straight edge.
>   I once put a turned on hair dryer into my goldfish tank and fryed/boiled
> 3 black moors, does this count as a scientific experiment :)
> PS: They tasted nice though :)
As long as you ate the whole fish, it's OK.
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